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We want to express our deepest appreciation to the following for sharing their time, talents and treasures. Their help and support enables the Little Angel Fund to achieve our goals, maintain our services and expand our programs.

  • Hat Brigade: Barbara Bremer, Antoinette Breslin, Marion Council Columbiettes, Ruth Hulse, Suffolk County Embroidery Guild, Lake Grove/Centereach Homemakers, Corkey Addcox, Bonnie Prettyman, Bonnie Connelly, Ginger Fortuna, Ann Marie Hewitt, Marjary Rivara, Tina Folliero, Jean Sorvbera, Debbie Accardi, Maureen Spanos, Kim Michelli, and Terry Ruggiero.

  • Blanket Brigade: Barbara Bremer, Lori Maeder, Darlene Hall, Southampton Presbyterian Women, Old Steeple Stitchers, Terryville Homemakers, Atria Assisted Living, Maria Felton, Barbara Mahon, Tina Folliero, Theresa Pitoscia, Jane Smith, Mrs. Seldenbeg, Marina Del Bianco, AnnMarie Hewitt, Maureen Spanos, Jean Sorbera, Debbie Accaardi, Crystal Emmer, Denise Bringmann, Jessica Sihlette, Julie Cheaf, Corazon Cuvin, Margarita Montovani, Nicole Scotto, and Ame Silvestro.

  • White Garments: Pat Armbruster, Kathy Southerton

  • Newsletter Printing: Peconic Printing

  • LAF Web Site Design and Development: Jeff DiBartolomeo

  • Computer Assistance: Sebastian Marano

  • Committee Coordinators: JoAnne March, Valerie Sheehan, Carmen DiBartolomeo, and Charlotte Zeman

  • Special Appreciation to the Doctors, Nurses and staff at the NICU at Stony Brook Children's Hospital for caring enough to make a difference.