The Little Angel Fund, Inc. is a non-profit, tax exempt organization, established in March of 1984 by Jenny and Joseph Tranfaglia in memory of their daughter, Amanda Rose. Amanda was born 16 weeks premature and after a 33 day struggle for life, she died. Our efforts to offer information, increase awareness, educate, comfort, and listen, have not been in vain. For if we help only one family, then our mission has been accomplished.

The Little Angel Fund consists of a group of parents helping parents through a difficult time in their lives. Our purpose is to make life a little easier and more comfortable for the premature and seriously ill infants and their families, while they are in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, after they graduate from the NICU and to act as a source of help and support for the bereaved. We are dedicated to supporting, educating and caring throughout the NICU experience.

Our Services
  • Maintain an up-to-date file containing printed material on various subjects dealing with prematurity, subsequent high risk pregnancy, grief and bereavement.
  • Provide a support network of volunteers to operate a telephone referral/information program.
  • Offer matched Parent to Parent Listeners for parents who wish to talk to someone with similar experiences.
  • Publish a Newsletter twice a year to serve as a vehicle for parents and families to share their feelings and experiences.
  • Organize and sponsor fund raisers to raise money for local area Neonatal Intensive Care Units, especially at the Stony Brook Children's Hospital in Stony Brook, NY.
  • Offer High Risk and Bereavement Packets.
  • Participate and sponsor conferences, workshops and lectures in order to obtain information.
  • A Welcome Gift Packet is given to every baby admitted into the NICU at Stony Brook Children's Hospital.
  • A Discharge Gift Diploma is presented to every baby discharged from the NICU at Stony Brook Children's Hospital.
  • On discharge, at the discretion of the unit social worker, families in need will be given layette sets

How Can You Help?
You can volunteer for one of our committees -- please contact us for details and more information!
  • NICU Monthly Volunteer Visits
  • Hat Brigade
  • Blanket Brigade
  • Newsletter Committee
  • Fund Raising Committee
  • Discharge Diploma Committee
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Jenny Tranfaglia was honored to be one of this year's recipients of an Angel Award. Click here for photos!
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